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How do you expand the life of your vehicle while keeping it performing at its' best? A little tender loving care. Keeping up on your vehicles maintenance will not only allow your vehicle to perform to the best of its' ability but it will help increase its' life span. Little problems start out small but create bigger problems, which is why its important to keep up on your vehicles needs. At Rim & Tire pro, we have knowledgeable expert technicians to get your regular maintenance done right. Whether its alignments, tire repair and flat repair, tire installation, tire rotation, wheel balancing or wheel refinishing, Rim & Tire pro will get the job done quickly and correctly.

Looking for a place to store your wheels or tires? We also offer wheel/tire storage!

Click any of the links below for information regarding our services. You can also request a quote by clicking any of the links below. Rim & Tire Pro looks forward to getting you back on the road.

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